Anti ageing


The seemingly miraculous treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. It can give you a more youthful look for a fraction of what a traditional facelift cost.

Forehead Injectables 

, Glabellar & Frown lines,

Eyes Injectables 

Crows feet & Eyebrow lifts with under eyes lines,

Nose Injectables 

Bunny Lines with alar flare,
Face Bruxism & facial shaping, Pitted / Orange skins on chin,
Lips Gummy smile with smoker lines. Marionette / prejowl line
Neck rings with platysmal bands

What are the risks?

Botox is a relatively safe treatment, but it should always be undertaken by a qualified medical professional to ensure that you are getting the correct amount in the right area. At the Right Nose Clinic by dr Levente you are in the right hands.

Are there any side-effects to Botox?
  • If carried out correctly, side effects are generally minimal – and some may not experience any at all.
  • However, occasionally some light bruising or redness around the area of injection might occur, although this shouldn’t last long. Many patients are able to undergo Botox during their lunch break and go back to work ,without anyone noticing it.

Your first consultation for nasal cosmetic procedure

Personal survey
Several questions will be asked, specifically what you do not like about your nose and wish to change.
Dr. Levente will examine your nose from inside out and explain step- by –step all surgical options.
New profile
To demonstrate realistic results photo imaging will be performed After by looking certain landmarks on your face: like cheeks, jaw (size and shape), skin thickness your newly designed profile will be printed out for taking home.
Final consiliation
The next meeting with Dr Levente is planned after about a week at which point any further question about the nose can be answered, then you will be booked for the surgery.

Postoperative First week

  • You may get a blood stained / pinkish discharge for a few days
  • Swelling and bruising around the eyes will disappear slowly
  • Avoid very hot baths and showers
  • If you take aspirin you should discuss this with your doctor
  • Remain indoors at least during the first week
  • Only gently blow your nose after nasal irrigation for 10+ days
  • Avoid strenuous activity (jogging, swimming, bending, sexual activity) for 2 to 3 weeks, as it may increase your blood pressure and the risk of bleeding
  • Avoid contact sports, hitting or rubbing your nose and direct sun exposure for 8 weeks
  • Avoid wearing glasses without consulting your doctor once the splint is off
  • Contact lenses can be used as and when you wish


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