Enlarged Adenoids Treatment in Dubai

Enlarged Adenoids Treatment in Dubai

Struggling with persistent nasal congestion, trouble breathing, or frequent sinus or ear infections?

Adenoidectomy surgery could be the key to reclaiming your right nose – a nose that allows for easy breathing and improved airflow.

Performed by specialists like Dr Levente Deak, adenoidectomy surgery in Dubai aims to tackle issues arising from enlarged adenoids, thereby improving nasal airflow and alleviating associated symptoms.

Adenoidectomy Enlarged Adenoids Treatment in Dubai

Adenoid Enlargement

Adenoid enlargement occurs when the adenoid tissue located at the back of the nose grows excessively. This tissue is essential for the immune system, helping to fight infections and protect the body against bacteria and viruses. 

From birth, adenoid tissue begins to grow, continuing until it reaches its peak size between the ages of three to five years. 

While this growth is a normal part of immune system development, excessive enlargement can lead to breathing difficulties, snoring, and recurrent ear and sinus infections, requiring enlarged adenoids treatment in Dubai.

When is Adenoidectomy Necessary?

Enlarged or swollen adenoids in some children can interfere with their daily lives by blocking the nasal airway, maintaining recurrent infections and causing hearing loss requiring for adenoidectomy or enlarged adenoids treatment in Dubai.

Breathing Problems

When your child’s adenoids are too big, it can cause serious problems. They might have trouble breathing through their nose, making it hard to eat properly and increasing the chances of tooth decay or cavities due to severe mouth breathing. 

In addition to this, your child is susceptible to catch more nasal infections and has trouble sleeping. The disturbed overnight sleeping will eventually lead towards a negative setback in your child’s development.

Glue Ear

When the adenoids are big, they can squish the entrance of the Eustachian tubes that connect the ears to the nose. These tubes maintain air pressure and help drain fluid from the middle ear.

But if they’re blocked, fluid builds up and gets thick, like glue. This can make sounds seem muffled to your child. If they can’t hear well, it may affect their learning, development and social interaction. Therefore, glue ear must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Risks of an Adenoidectomy

An adenoidectomy is a typically low-risk procedure that rarely causes any complications. 

It is a relatively common and straightforward operation that is quick and easy to carry out. The possible problems are with the newest technology, and proper post-operative care is almost minimal and can be managed on-site.


How are the Adenoids Removed?

Having an adenoidectomy surgery in Dubai might sound scary, but it’s actually a quick and safe procedure. 

Your child will be asleep the whole time, thanks to anaesthesia, so that they won’t feel a thing. The surgery usually takes just 15 to 30 minutes.

Dr Levente uses the newest and safest tools like a microdebrider, curette, or laser to remove the adenoid tissue. After the surgery, your child can usually go home within a few hours. 

At home, they will only use nasal saline irrigation and mild painkillers for three days.

It’s important to note that the removal of adenoid tissue does not increase the risk of infection for your child. The body’s immune system is fully able to cope with bacteria and viruses without the adenoid tissue.

So, while the idea of surgery might seem scary, an adenoidectomy is a simple and effective enlarged adenoid treatment in Dubai.

Addressing Common Questions

Some of the symptoms of swollen adenoids are difficulty breathing through the nose, snoring, sleep apnea, frequent sinus infections, ear infections, and a persistent runny nose.

No, adenoids cannot be removed without surgery. Adenoidectomy, the surgical removal of adenoids, is the primary adenoid swelling treatment in Dubai.

Enlarged adenoids can be effectively treated through adenoidectomy surgery. This procedure helps alleviate symptoms and provides long-term relief.

Adenoid hypertrophy in adults treatment includes medications to reduce inflammation, but adenoidectomy surgery in Dubai may be necessary in severe cases.

Enlarged adenoids can cause symptoms such as difficulty breathing, snoring, and frequent sinus infections. Enlarged adenoid treatment in Dubai may include medications to reduce inflammation or adenoidectomy surgery for persistent symptoms.

Reclaim Your The Right Nose With Dr Levente Deak in Dubai

As you navigate the journey of finding relief from adenoid enlargement, breathing difficulties, or glue ear, trust in the expertise of Dr Levente Deak, your expert Adenoidectomy surgeon in Dubai. 

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