Functional Rhinoplasty In Dubai

Functional Rhinoplasty In Dubai

To address the needs of those considering Functional Rhinoplasty in Dubai, it’s essential to delve into key aspects surrounding this specialised nose surgery for breathing. Technically, it is focused on improving breathing functionality while occasionally enhancing the nose’s appearance.  
This comprehensive overview includes insights into when such a procedure might be necessary, rhinoplasty for function, its impact on nose shape, comparisons with septoplasty, and other considerations. 

Functional Rhinoplasty in Dubai | nose surgery for breathing

Understanding Functional Rhinoplasty

Functional Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as septorhinoplasty or nasal valve surgery, primarily aims to rectify breathing issues through the nose. This surgical intervention addresses the functional aspects rather than cosmetic concerns, ensuring the nose performs its vital role in respiration effectively. 

Who Should Consider Functional Rhinoplasty?

Candidates best suited for this procedure typically struggle with compromised nasal valves, whether external or internal or deformities in the nasal structure affecting air passage. A successful candidate should be in good health, capable of undergoing general anaesthesia, and have realistic expectations about the outcomes. 

The Surgical Process

Functional Rhinoplasty involves correcting septal deviations and reducing the size of nasal turbinates. The internal nasal valve area, often the narrowest section affecting airflow, receives special attention. Cartilage grafts may be used for structural support, enhancing the nasal airway. 

Post-Operative Expectations

Post-surgery, minimal to moderate pain and some bruising are normal. Dr Levente will give you appropriate post-op instructions. 

Cooling pads followed by warm compresses aid in recovery. Patients can typically resume work or school within one to two weeks. Immediate improvements in nasal structure and gradual enhancement in breathing functionality are anticipated. 

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Addressing Common Questions

Individuals facing breathing difficulties due to structural nasal issues, such as valve problems or septal deviations, may find significant relief through functional rhinoplasty. 

While the primary goal is improving functionality, changes in the nose’s shape can occur as a byproduct of structural corrections. 

Unlike septoplasty, which solely corrects the septum, functional rhinoplasty takes a more comprehensive approach, addressing multiple aspects that contribute to airflow obstruction. 

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For those considering “Functional Rhinoplasty in Dubai” or anywhere, understanding the procedure’s scope, ideal candidates, surgical process, recovery expectations, and how it differs from cosmetic interventions is crucial. 
Addressing functional issues not only enhances nasal airway function but may also lead to an improved nasal form, highlighting the dual benefits of this surgical approach. Dr Levente Deak is highly professional and specialises in nose surgeries. 
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